Why Choose India?
India has been the pioneer in providing outsourcing solutions, offering a range of services to companies across the globe. Over the years, India has established a culture of trust with companies worldwide. Outsourcing to India gives you access to high quality services at lower costs. India’s resource pool is vast, highly qualified and growing with access to high-end technology.

Outsourcing to India has many advantages
1- Cost-effective: save up to 50% on operating costs
2- High-quality services
3- Time zone advantage: operate 24X7
4- Highly skilled work force
5- High-end technology and infrastructure
6- Latest software and technologies
7- Quick turnaround time A pioneer in outsourcing services,

Paaramarsh has been providing outsourcing solutions for over 3-4 years .We offer a range of highly specialized services in domains like Finance and Accounting,HR , and Supply chain.

We offers:
1- An entire range of technology-driven services
2- Quality services at global delivery centers
3- High-end infrastructure with built-in redundancy
4- Technical skills and expertise
5- BPO and KPO experience
6- Custom solutions for each requirement
7- We create custom solutions for each requirement.

Paaramarsh is one of the most reliable and experienced Outsourcing Company offering back-end support services for multiple domains. We take complete care of your business needs from start-to-finish, once you decide to partner with us for your outsourcing requirements.

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Outsourcing Services

Accounts Payable

We offer dependable accounts payable solutions from invoice processing to payment disbursement. This not only helps clients cut costs but also allows for higher efficiency and centralised control of payables across the company. A well-managed payables function can result in a significant competitive advantage as it positively impacts vendor relations, cash management, internal control and management reporting.

Accounts Receivable

Our accounts receivable processing or credit control services diligently keep track of cash flows. Our services include cheque management, receipt accounting, customer claim processing, customer account reconciliation and order release. We make sure that the highest level of efficiency is maintained, avoiding discrepancies at the time of reconciliation of accounts.

Payroll Processing

We provide customised payroll processing services ensuring that our client’s employees get paid on time, thereby increasing employee satisfaction.

Expense Claims

We ensure that employees are reimbursed for expenses incurred during the course of their work within the set time period. In doing so, we not only ensure employee satisfaction but also help mitigate any potential compliance risks by keeping track of various tax laws.


We help design, build and implement your reporting framework in line with your business goals. On generating the reports, we also help interpret the results, providing you with insightful and actionable information that will help you manage your operations better.

  • Identify and define key performance indicators (KPIs) i.e. financial, operational and hybrid metrics
  • Identify and establish data sources for the metrics
  • Design and implement processes to generate data
  • Data cleansing
  • Deploy and maintain business intelligence tools to produce metrics and dashboards
  • Implement the solution and train users


Payroll being an important function for any organization requires specialization and a clear understanding of applicable laws in processing the payroll of employees. Realizing this requirement, and also to help foster confidentiality and administrative convenience, we provide a wide-range of payroll services to our clients. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of methods relating to payroll processing can provide you with a full-fledged payroll services for all your employees and your top management.

Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Our approach to payroll services involves appropriate planning, a focused approach and support to the organization from start to finish. We have a very good across India presence that enables us to effectively cater to the clients across the country.

Our services broadly include -Payroll Processing

Assistance in statutory compliances in relation to payroll services Assistance in tax issues related to payroll of individuals Personal employee support services concerning their payroll matters. We can customize our services to meet your particular requirements and can address your queries related to payroll matters.

Payroll Management

Payroll processing, while a fairly mundane operation, requires to be conducted efficiently within the stipulated time frame. Often, companies find it difficult to recruit and retain suitable personnel. Our services include:

  • Processing salaries
  • Generating pay slips and reports
  • Calculating tax deductions
  • Handling other compliance matters
  • Organising payments to employees through direct bank transfers
  • Compiling year-end tax reports

Other services